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Toto umelecké dielo sa nazýva INVOCATION - vzývanie, pretože sa zdá že postava žiada Boha o pozornosť a prosí o ochranu zhora. 


This artwork is titled Invocation specifically because the figure seems to be invoking God's attention, seeking protection from Above. At the same time, the man is kneeling and submitting to the Divine powers but his back is closer to the ground. There is no despair in this gesture, nor on the man's face, rather there is spiritual tension: the man is stripped of his earthly existence, he has no hair nor genitals and he stretches out in a contortionist posture, his spine bending almost to form an inverted U. Free of prejudice he can communicate with the Heavens above him, and perhaps this position is proof that there is a connection with God.



White Invocation

273,00 €Price
Tax Zahrnuté

Rozmery: 41 x 37 x 23 cm


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